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Alon Keinan, Ph.D., is a researcher and consultant who investigates patterns of genetic variation in human populations and translates that knowledge to study the genetic basis of complex diseases and identify potential therapeutic targets.

Dr. Keinan has been a professor of computational biology at Cornell University since 2009, initially the Robert N. Noyce Assistant Professor in Life Science and Technology, and then an Associate Professor (with tenure) since 2014. He has participated in six graduate programs and three research centers, including in collaboration with Weill Cornell Medical College. He has published over 80 articles in scientific journals that have been cited over 50,000 times. Dr. Keinan has won prestigious awards throughout his career stages and has been awarded millions of dollars in research grant funding, most from the National Institutes of Health. He is currently on an indefinite leave of absence from Cornell.

Before joining Cornell University, Dr. Keinan was a researcher at the Department of Genetics of Harvard Medical School and at the Broad Institute...

Alon Keinan's research on the role of the sex chromosomes in complex disease

News article on Dr. Keinan's research into the role that the sex chromosomes play in complex disease

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